Jacques Spreinregan entered the headwear business in 1918 as an importer of Basque berets from France. The beret was re-designed into the first Kangol cap and the brand has grown internationally since that day.

Today Kangol produce a wide range of headwear, that crosses generations and cultures. It is not just a fashion brand but a cultural fashion fusion. Kangol takes the best of British heritage and retro hip-hop mixed with future fashion “born British, raised on the streets of New York”.

Juice Corporation have licensed the Kangol brand since 2010 and have developed the clothing lines across men’s, women’s and kidswear and features all the key silhouettes.

Kangol apparel is aimed at the brand conscious mainstream fashion consumer who is looking for a credible brand at a value price point. The range Juice produces reflects current market trends and finishing incorporating classic Kangol logos and graphics inspired by the brand’s rich international heritage.