A billion-dollar global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry and a high-performance footwear brand, SKECHERS USA Inc. designs, develops and markets more than 3,000 styles for men, women and children.

SKECHERS was founded over 20 years ago in Manhattan Beach, California and is now available in over 120 countries worldwide. SKECHERS constantly innovates with new designs and product lines inspired by the wants and needs of today’s fashion consumer. Thanks to a wide selection of high-quality and affordable footwear, clothing and accessory options available, SKECHERS has become an all-time favourite for those who prefer casual and comfortable style.

The Juice Corporation is proud to have been selected as the first licensee to design, source and distribute SKECHERS apparel in the UK and Ireland. The collection offers Skechers Sport ® clothing for men and women as well as casual wear for mens, womens and kids.

The Juice Corp’s Skechers Sports ® range reflects the proven athletic performance of the footwear range with technical fabrications and cuts combined with contemporary activewear style and elegance. The casualwear collection is inspired by Skechers’ Californian roots with effortlessly stylish, laid-back comfort sewn-in to every garment.